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Let's create a vision together.

Imagine Auburn is a community opportunity to
envision a vibrant future for the Commercial Core, 
and bring it to life by updating the planning regulations.

Your input is critical in this approach to city planning. Your experience and perspective will shape this project. We want to hear from you.

Ways to get involved:

Coming Up Next

Public Review Draft

Coming September 2023

Thank you to the community members of Auburn who participated in the Imagine Auburn outreach activities. The team was deeply humbled by the turnout of the residents and stakeholders willing to take the time to bring their ideas to the table. We truly appreciate your efforts.


The next opportunity for feedback is the Public Review Draft. This document will be the first complete version of the Form-based Code text. It is the technical document that establishes the regulations for establishing the community's vision for the future of Auburn from the workshop series. Join our mailing list for notifications. 

No upcoming events at the moment

Previous Events

Workshop Series

A more self-sustaining Auburn,
where citizens feel connected to nature, historic charm, and each other.

A vision statement for Auburn's Commerical Core begins to emerge from Imagine Auburn's outreach.

The Imagine Auburn workshop series focused on exploring, creating, and envisioning a new future for Auburn’s Commercial Core. These workshops build directly upon community feedback from the survey and interviews conducted this winter and are the peak of outreach for Auburn’s new form-based code (FBC). The community’s vision provided a clear view of the desired intentions for the future building environment in the FBC area and allow the team to begin the final coding process. 

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Find out more about the workshops:


Explore the project documentation from our outreach and documentation of the city. 

What's the best email address to reach you at so we can stay in touch?

We'll send you links to surveys, invitations to community charrettes, and project updates so you can be involved every step of the way.

Thank you for your involvement!

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