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Imagine Auburn’s Skyline Archway brings life to the Form-Based Code project!


Auburn, California:

Imagine Auburn installed today a Skyline Archway at the Art Park across from Central Square. This installation marks the beginning of a public outreach effort to envision the future of Auburn’s Commercial Core. The archway offers a fun photo opportunity and invites pedestrians to do an “experiment” via smart phone. As the collective vision builds over the coming months with interviews and charrettes, the vision will be translated into the regulating plan as part of the City’s Form Based Code project.

“The community has an unique opportunity to shape how the Commercial Core will change over time. As the stewards of this effort, we want participation to be fun and time well spent!” says Genevieve Marsh, project lead. “Our community has an amazing depth of memory and tons of creativity. We are working to harness these forces with a carefully thought out approach to designing the future of our town.”

This news comes in the wake of the team’s major effort to survey the buildings and streetscape in downtown and old town. By using a survey technique, similar to what biologists use in the field, the team will get a clear picture of the town’s existing architectural DNA. “Auburn has lots of beautiful old buildings with a range of forms and styles. Getting a clear picture of the DNA will help us leverage that for the future,” Marsh explains.

Additional colorful touch points have been placed at Herschel Young Park in Old Town and at City Hall. “We have a finite amount of space, but an infinite amount of imagination with which to tackle Auburn’s long-term design challenges. Implementing participatory approaches like this initiative actively contributes to converting past challenges into future opportunities,” affirms Mariana C. Hernández-Montilla, the team’s social scientist.

The Imagine Auburn team invites you to co-design our community's future and stop by the archway or a touch point, fill out the survey, learn about the project on the website, tag your fun pictures, and help them spread the word. After all, scanning the activity QR code is a fun way to spice up a coffee break.

To learn more about the Imagine Auburn project, click here.

Caption: Genevieve Marsh and Mariana Hernandez-Montilla celebrate the installation of the Skyline Archway.

Hernandez-Montilla shows off the touchpoint in Herschel Young Park.


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