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Outreach Report

Documenting the community's vision building journey.


From September 2022 to June 2023, Imagine Auburn stewarded the Auburn community to build a vision of the Commercial Core’s future to underpin the creation of a form-based code (FBC). The city tasked Imagine Auburn with two primary tasks: create strategies to increase housing opportunities and encourage infill development to maximize the limited buildable land inventory. The outreach process deeply examined these needs from a variety of viewpoints with the community. As a result, the community transformed these goals into a synergistic revitalization plan for the form-based code to embody, based upon a collective vision of Auburn’s future. In short, this vision is, “A more self-sustaining Auburn, where citizens feel connected to nature, historic charm, and each other.”

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More Ways to Read

In addition to the book viewer above, the Outreach Report can be read in print or downloaded as a pdf.

Copies are available to borrow from the Community Development Department at City Hall and we have partnered with a printer to provide affordable prints at cost. Printed as a magazine, prints are full color and resolution, creating a pleasurable reading experience. 

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