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Imagine Auburn’s First Workshop Brings the Community Together to Explore the Town’s Future

Workshop 1 Review - Press Release

The Imagine Auburn team produced the first of three Workshops on Thursday, March 30th at the Old Town Pizza Fairgrounds, inviting the Auburn community to explore the factors that shape the Commerical Core and envision a positive future growth scenario. These workshops are fundamental to creating Auburn’s new form-based code (FBC) for the Commerical Core.

The first workshop provided incredible feedback from the community, with 45 community members attending the workshop and contributing vital feedback for the team. The workshop opened with a short silent visioning exercise to recollect a positive experience in the Commerical Core’s public realm.

“That good warm feeling you feel right now is what we are going to try to create for others in the collective vision we are working on today,” spoke Genevieve Marsh, Project Lead.

Participants then separated into groups to circulate through four interactive display stations covering lifestyle, character, vision, and building a future. After a period, each group reviewed the collective responses at a station and reported back a summary to the whole audience. Based on the report out, participants formed focus groups for each station, with additional focus groups for sustainability and transportation by popular demand. When the focus groups reconvened to share their conversations with the whole audience, both infrastructure and social-based solutions were identified. The afternoon ended on a high note with enthusiasm and pizza. The public socialized over how their own interests and projects related to those of others and how they could be supported by the form-based code.

Since the event was postponed two days due to severe weather, those who wanted to attend Workshop 1 but were unable to can still contribute by visiting the project website and completing an online survey version of the 12 vision boards.

Both the focus group notes and the activity responses have been collected to assist the team in developing the second workshop, where the vision will start to be workshopped on a site map.

Imagine Auburn is encouraging the local community to attend Create - Workshop 2 to help shape Auburn’s FBC and enjoy the company of others over food and refreshment. The team asks for all interested participants to RSVP, as there will be limited seats for the main activity, a board game. All generations are welcome to attend.

Upcoming Events:

Create - Workshop 2

Tuesday, April 11th from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm, Auburn Public Library Community Room

Have you ever wanted to design a city? How about reshaping Auburn itself? Play Imagine Auburn’s City board game. The final game boards will help the design team by providing them with concepts to merge into a commercial core vision plan.

Envision - Workshop 3

Tuesday, April 25th from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm, location to be determined

Can you find your ideas in the vision plan? Come see the pieces together and envision implementation.

Community members can register for the workshops or join the project’s email list through the project’s website,

Imagine Auburn is the public outreach component for the Form-Based Code project sponsored by the City of Auburn.


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